Research Article
Mehdi Moghtadaei, Hosein Farahini, Ali Yeganeh, Ali Shahsavari Poor, Alireza Askari, Sina Aminizadeh, Mehrdad Bahrabadi
During a total knee arthroplasty, it is common to make a distal femoral cut based on the femoral mechanical-anatomical angle (FMA), which in most patients is six degrees. However, in patients with a higher FMA, there is not yet a consensus between surgeons regarding the degree of ... read more
Research Article
Mehdi Moghtadae, Reza Homayounfar, Mohammad Mehdi Naghizadeh, Elham Ehrampoush, Peyman Arasteh, Seyede Makieh Moosavi, Alireza Askari
Knee osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis and is the major cause of pain and disability in the elderly. The relationship between obesity and increased risk of knee osteoarthritis was known for many years. Since then, many studies have shown the relationship between knee ... read more
Research Article
Davod Jafari, Hooman Shariatzadeh, Mohammad Ali Okhovatpour, Mehran Razavipour, Farshad Safdari
Despite several surgical techniques introduced for the treatment of distal radial giant cell tumor (GCT), most appropriate treatments remain to be discovered.The current study reported on the results of en bloc resection and partial wrist arthrodesis using non-vascularized fibular shaft.Between 2004 and 2014, 7 patients with distal ... read more
Case Report
Davod Jafari, Hooman Shariatzadeh, Razieh Nabi
Avascular necrosis (AVN) of the capitate is relatively rare. Although there are many factors as etiology; however, there are idiopathic ones.A 15-year-old female presented with wrist pain without the history of previous major trauma and no relief with conservative management; radiographic evaluation revealed capitates osteonecrosis with collapse ... read more
Case Report
Suhail Ur Rehman, Noora Saeed, Saima Khan, Shaista M Vasenwala
Hydatid cyst is a zoonotic disease, affecting humans and other mammals worldwide. It is caused by tapeworms of the genus Echinococcus, which is most frequently encountered in the liver and lungs. Although involvement of the central nervous system and spine is rare, it can lead to severe ... read more
Case Report
Abolfazle Bagherifard, Mohamad Rahbar, Ali Shahsavari, Mehdi Moaiedfar, Mehrdad Bahrabadi
Post-polio syndrome (PPS) can have devastating functional effects on the walking ability of patients decades after the acute disease. Genu recurvatum, as a consequence of PPS, is one such disability which can be treated through different measures.A 43-year-old woman with a history of supracondylar extension osteotomy of ... read more
Alireza Mirzaei, Mozhdeh Zabihiyeganeh

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