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Sa Hosseini, G Haghdadl, M ANASORI, J Bahadorkhan,
Volume 7, Issue 3 (11-1993)

This study began in December, 19R9, and continued for one year. 245 cases, 46.5% from urban areas and 53.5% from rural areas, were followed-up. 1 3.5% were diagnosed by general physicians and receiving drugs accordingly before the program. 30.2% were properly diagnosed, but they did not receive reasonable drugs and 56.3% were neither properly diagnosed nor did they receive reasonable treatment. The main diagnoses, according to ICD-9, were as follows: 35.9% mental retardation, 35.5% neurotic disorders, 12.2% epilepsy and its psychiatric aspects, 12.2% schizophrenia, and 4.9% affective psychoses. 21.2% were disabled in different stages. The rate of tracing in the first 6 month follow-up period was 46.15%.

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